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AAKM is changing...

Over the coming months Assertive Action Krav Maga will be changing over to a new and exciting Krav Maga community body called Krav Maga Systems.Krav Maga Systems Logo

Krav Maga Systems will be a quality assurance for all material that is taught at our schools. Over time Assertive Action Krav Maga will be known as Krav Maga Systems and you will be directed to a new website with up-to-date relevant information about Krav Maga training in your local area.  Find more out about Krav Maga Systems

Please refer to our new website, with up to date class times and information at

What is Krav Maga?

Let Master Avi Moyal show you what it is in this video.

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Classes and Programs

Training for kids, teens, women and men.

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Where can I train?

Want to know if there is Krav Maga training close to you?

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Experience Krav Maga

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Experience the benefits of Krav Maga training in the best possible way - by doing it!

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Krav Maga - Your Best Defense!

Krav Maga is a system of self-defense, it is not based on sport or competition. It is based on what happens in real-world conflict, and it teaches you how to solve it. Through regular training you'll learn how to avoid, prevent, think, and act properly to maintain your personal safety and that of your loved ones. This is all done through proven training techniques and principles that are simple to understand and easy to retain and use almost straight-away. 

Learn the ultimate Self-Defence system in months not years!!!

Get Started Today!

Relieve your stress and re-energise for the rest of your day, while gaining life-saving knowledge in the process.

Current and new students now have the ability to progress with their self-defence training with AAKM’s new lunch classes. They will teach you how to defend against common street problems, while also giving you a workout that will keep you at optimal performance levels.

Dates and Times:

Classes start Monday December 8 at 12:30pm - 1.15pm.

All regular classes will be on Monday's and Wednesday's 12:30pm - 1.15pm.

Price for lunch classes:

1. $25 per class
2. $88 monthly ($11 per class)
3. Use your 10 pass or regular training membership.

Click to Attend Lunch Classes (click on the date you want to attend.)

Assertive Action Krav Maga News Feed

Women's Only Classes

Women's Krav Maga classes are now running every Tuesday and Thursday, at 6:00pm - 6:45pm.

You do not have to be of any particular fitness level, or have any previous knowledge in self-defence training.

These Women's only classes are a great way for you to learn about PROVEN Women's specific self-defence solutions, and they will give you a great workout in the process.

Classes are $25 per session for drop-in attendance, or $11.15 per session if you sign-up to a membership

Click on the link below to get your first class 100% free, with ZERO obligation to join.

Try Women's Krav Maga Class (click on the date you want to attend.)

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